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SkagiTek introduces its new line of "True" products, True Glass
Bead Filter, True BiO, True
Pre-Filter, and True Purifier.

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Because SkagiTek is devoted to offering its customers access to the highest quality products and knowledge, we own several websites to accomplish such a task.

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At SkagiTek, we are truly interested in the success of our customers. Call us anytime for answers or for diagrams to help get your pond done right and done efficiently.

Achieve a water clarity you never thought was possible

You really can achieve this at your own pond with proper filtration! SkagiTek provides clear solutions and equipment to help accomplish this. Trusted by universities, contractors, home owners and even resorts around the world, we have been providing expertize advise and products.

Recently SkagiTek has been meeting with major water filtration companies that provide technologies for filtering and clarifying water in over 40 countries. We have utilized this vast array of knowledge, research and their engineering coupled with our over 50 years of being around ponds to bring better products for filtering Koi ponds and water. Our "True" line of products are truly superior and are proven to make your water cleaner.

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About Us

Reliable experience and integrity offering uncompromising quality solutions.

SkagiTek provides water filtration products and design solutions to meet our valued clients' end goals in a broad range of residential, commercial and industrial markets. SkagiTek web sites offer not only top products, but educational tips to benefit others to do the job right the first time. Our customers often comment on wishing they would have called us first. We have shown them clear solutions that work well while being easy to implement.

Our core values are non-negotiable in offering the best customer service at no cost. Customers benefit from our knowledge and now can benefit from our own line of products designed with the latest technology in water filtration. This enables us to extend more clear solutions in better products to better serve you and your needs.

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We are here to help and answer your questions. With over 50 years of being around ponds, we have seen and experienced the Koi pond industry as it has evolved.

Feel free to call or email us.

Pond design, understanding products and offering dependable knowledge is our trademark. Whether you're designing your first project or upgrading a past one, feel free to benefit from our wealth of experience and knowledge. We work with everyone from home owners to architects.

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Featured Products

Water polishing Koi pond filter for ultra clear pond water. True Glass Bead Filter for Koi Ponds
True Glass Bead Filter

Utilizing the latest in micro filtration, the True Glass Bead Filter is designed to polish pond water to a mountain spring clarity. This filter proves there is more that can be filtered out.

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Best biological filter for aquariums and koi ponds. True BiO
True BiO Filter

Advanced biological technology in the True BiO filter grows superior bacterium while exceeding usable surface area of leading bead filters. This results in bacteria leaving existing filters and migrating over to a true biological filter.

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Pond pump True Pre-filter extra large strainer basket and leaf trap. SS1 and SS1
True Pre-filter

Developed and designed with common pump pre-filter problems in mind, the True Pre-Filter has higher capacity, easier cleaning and a superior basket made of stainless steel with much finer holes.

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