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About Us

Founded on the idea of sharing knowledge while delivering clear solutions

SkagiTek Inc. develops water filtration equipment and operates web sites that promote knowledge while offering quality products through e-commerce. Our in house web site designs offer ease of use in navigation to enable visitors a pleasant experience while learning and shopping.

SkagiTek introduced water filtration equipment solutions branded under the " True " naming convention into the market beginning in 2014. Since then, SkagiTek has continued to develop water quality products such as: True Glass Bead Filter for polishing pond water. True BiO filter offering leading edge and superior biological filtration. True Pre-filter benefiting pump and water pre-filtration. True Purifier Carbon Filter for water purification.

SkagiTek’s founder Bill Putnam enjoys spending much of his time on the phone helping customers and educating them. He draws from life long experiences in general contracting, engineering, drafting, computer programming, designing, building residential and commercial buildings, building swimming pools and ponds to help those who ask. Having been around ponds since 1962, not only has he built many ponds, he has also learned many ways to improve pond design and works to incorporate those benefits when helping his customers. He discovered the beauty of Koi through his dad and purchased his first Koi as a father’s day gift in 1968.

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How we help

  • Benefiting through the web

    SkagiTek’s first site; was built with the sole idea of centralizing information and quality products in one place. With so much information scattered all over the Internet, we found it hard to find good information at any one web site. was created to end that problem. In time, we created more web sites dedicated to more specifc topics making those topics easier to learn.

  • Offering more than products

    Our primary goal is in educating other Koi pond enthusiast by creating informative web sites that usually are from first hand experience, extensive research with supporting facts and often include diagrams and pictures making it easy to understand.


    SkagiTek Inc. found many customers needing help in understanding pond design, features and how to plumb them, and created to educate them. It has easy to understand diagrams that aid customers and plumbers to better understand pond and filter plumbing while building ponds that enable them to have a pond built right the first time. Often we hear about how customers have printed out our diagrams and handed it to the contractor so they would get it right.

  • We also offer free, custom diagrams to customers in need. At SkagiTek Inc., our goal is to make sure your pond turns out beautiful and well designed.
  • Our mission is clear

    To share knowledge and help others build ponds right the first time with clear solutions. We build our own web sites to share information that include tips, articles, images and diagrams. We develop products that are needed and superior in quality and pricing while filling a need.


    Our success has been built on a simple principle: take care of every customer with solutions and share knowledge. From the beginning, our top priority was to provide unmatched customer care and to help our customers with any problem they may have. We encourage them to let us help in understanding water, ponds, Koi, filtration equipment or needing tips on how to solve a problem. We've always worked to no end to answer your questions, make recommendations and deliver solutions. We stock our web sites with the best of products, the best deals and plenty of information to help you decide for yourself. We are proud of each and every member of our staff, because they make the difference.



Having built a pond once, I decided to get help this time to build it right and found SkagiTek. All the equipment they sent was well built and just what I needed.

Chris Grubbs WV

SkagiTek was the only company that knew how to convert a swimming pool into a great pond. So glad I found them!

Ted, FL

Not sure anyone else could have helped me as well as SkagiTek did with all the equipment and design needs for our 30,000 gallon Koi pond project.

Brent L. WA