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True BiO Filter

A Jaw-Dropping Difference in Pond Health

Our True BiO filter's proven design is unlike regular biological combination filters that trap solids. The True BiO Filters feature media that have a unique combination of Vast Surface Area and Open-Flow Porosity that make it the most unique and highest capacity bio-filter media available today. The ceramic composition is comparable to natural rock, but with incredible surface area of approximately 150,000 sq ft per cubic foot. The properties of the True BiO's media create a stable home for beneficial bacteria that remove ammonia and nitrites. Some systems will also see a decrease in Nitrates. The combination and overall design provides an optimum bio technology environment for growing a more aggressive species of beneficial bacterium. Also, this media's open porosity resists clogging and reduces pond maintenance.

For comparison, some $3,000 bead filters have less than 4000 sq. ft. of surface area and even then, it is only a claim, it is not backed by testing like the media we use that was tested by a University. Take Advantage of True Bio filtration and install after a bead filter or other mechanical filter. 


  • New Innovative Design

    The in-line design is easy to install with 2 inch disconnect unions on each port. To connect, simply install after the pre-filter that removes or traps debris (Bead filters perform this very well). The sturdy components are all well designed and strong. Each True BiO filter is a pressurized canister permitting installation with endless possibilities.

  • Introducing a Revolutionary Media

    The orientation of media in the chambers of these filters create fast pathways and slow pathways for the water to move through. The combination of the ceramic with the fast and slow pathways inside the bio-filter is known to grow the most comprehensive range of bacteria for nitrogen cycle conversion. This makes it possible for nitrosomonas, nitrobacters and facultative bacteria to exist and give you the most complete nitrogen cycle possible in a biological filtration system.

  • A Series of Solutions Fit for Your Pond

    Our True BiO Filter comes in 5 different models to fit your pond's needs. The smaller True BiO 5 and 7.5 models offer some pre-filtration and are great for indoor ponds or tanks. The larger True BiO 10, 20 and 30 models offer much more biological surface area which benefits larger ponds, yet require a good pre-filter. We suggest a bead filter prior to models 10, 20 and 30 to trap well enough to prevent clogging debris.

    The True BiO model 10 is our most popular model. We only wish every pond had one!

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My company required more filtration to handle the increase in ammonia and nitrites from our expansion. The bead filter met our initial design and aquatic life loads. Adding the True BiO took only five days to get established and totally performed as advertised. Within seven days, all ammonia and nitrites were zero. We also found that the biological bacteria migrated from the bead filter to the True BiO.

Owner - Diamondback Terrapin World, CA

The filter has improved my ammonia levels.  I did notice that my 10 bead filter doesn't have any more of the "honey glaze" on the beads, clearly it shows the bio moved into the True Bio Filter.  I didn't have any issues with the setup or directions.  It was a perfect fit with my filter setup. 

J Helms

Our pond constantly had some levels of Ammonia and Nitrites even though we have a bead filter and a shower filter for a year. Adding the True BiO brought those levels to zero in a week. I couldn't be more happy!

Carol S. WA