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True Glass Bead Filter

A Polishing Filter Like No Other

The True Glass Bead Filter has a unique design that safely polishes the water by trapping fines and solids down to 3 micron, thus outperforming bead filters or other brands of glass filters. This results in clearing your pond of crud floating through the water and polish it to look like mountain spring water. The only thing you'll see is the fish!

Unlike other glass filters that use unsafe crushed glass, our glass bead filters use hardened and truly round glass beads that are very safe to handle. So safe, we added over ten pounds of them into our Koi pond. They were in there for 9 months and have had no issues with the Koi or plugging the drains.


  • Superior Clarity

    The next generation of refining water quality is here. The True Glass Bead filter polishes water so well, you may just see some aqua color return to your water similar to the day you first filled the pond. It can remove suspended debris down to 3 micron leaving only the water and the fish to enjoy.

  • Unique True Glass Beads

    The True Glass Bead Filter has a proven fish-safe media that is specifically designed to polish water. Because the polished beads have a hardness of #7 which is the same as a Carbon kitchen knife, it is very hard for beneficial bacterium to grow on. This benefits the design by not getting gummed up like crushed glass does and requiring the use of a hazardous chemical known as Potassium Permaganate to clean the media like other glass filters.

  • Designed with Versatility in Mind

    The True Glass Bead Filters offer a diverse means of installation unlike any other brand. You can choose to setup your filter either as a stand-alone polishing filter with a dedicated low amp, low rpm pump (recommended) or in series after another pressurized bead filter to polish what the standard bead filter did not (not-recommended - series installs will require a high amp, high rpm pump).

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After installing the True Glass bead filter, we had our pond maintenance person game over after we had it running for a month. He said that he takes care of 21 other ponds and that he has never seen outdoor pond water look this clear.

Mike, MI

Pond tour of 60 members stated that our pond water was the best they had seen. They published in their news letter that our pond water was so clear that the Koi appear to float in space.

Bill P. WA

It took our customers pond to a level of clarity I didn't know was possible. The True Glass Bead Filter's water clarity is amazing and we see nothing but the fish.

Marco, CA