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    Koi Pond Equipment is SkagiTek Inc's latest website. Its focus is to offer customers a wide variety of pond products in a modern website that works great from any device! It also features a new blog with essential information.


    Koi Pond Food is dedicated to learning and buying the best Koi food available. The number one location to learn about Kenzen Koi Food. This food is highly digestible, contains no fillers, and thus can be fed in all seasons including through Winter!


    At Koi Pond UV you will find information about how Ultraviolet lights work, comparisons between three different UV Light manufacturers, and a selection of powerful UV lights to buy.

Our Websites

Koi Pond Central .com web site for Koi pond products and supplies
Koi Pond Central .com web site for Koi pond products and supplies
Koi pond food .com for your Kenzen Koi food. Best Koi food for Koi ponds.
W Lim Store web site for W Lim Wave, dragon and pond products
Shop and Koi Pond UV .com to learn about Ultraviolet light benifits and compare UV brands
Koi pond help and diagrams for plumbing pond filtration. Koi Pond Filtering .com


    Koi Pond Central features the majority of the products we sell. You will find everything you need here from filters, pumps, UV lights and articles on pond design. Koi Pond Central should be the first place to visit for learning and buying quality pond products.


    At W Lim store we sell the popular W Lim products regarded as high quality and known for him Wave and Dragon line of pumps. Mr. Lim's products are well designed for Koi ponds.


    Koi Pond Filtering contains a wealth of pond filtering plumbing and diagrams. Loaded with diagrams, articles and more information that ranges from Basic to Advanced.


I’ve been buying from SkagiTek for all my pond needs for 15 years. They know how to solve every pond problem I have had. I highly recommend them.

J Robins NC

SkagiTek is always fast to ship and very helpful.

Darren L. NJ

I don't know what I would have done without SkagiTek's knowledge and equipment when building my pond, including there help over the past 16 years.

Phillip W. NV